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What is the biggest stress when it comes to screen printing? Is it the management of the factory workers, payroll, customer service, marketing, or is it possibly just getting the sales?

Regardless of the source, the stress is there. However, we are here to tell you about some tools to help you save money managing your operation.

We will discuss:

  • Services that help manage your business.

  • Awesome Services that help you save money.

  • Time Clock Apps that help manage your employees’ hours.

  • Printavo.com, and how it helps with the shop management



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This is an amazing platform that helps shop management for your business. You are able to upload images from any source, micromanage orders while organizing them in an easy to read layout, send direct messages to clients, and invoicing and quotes. There is so much that this platform can do to help lessen the stress of your usual operations:


  • Clear Calendar- See clearly what is scheduled with color-coding to stay better organized.

  • Pricing Matrix- A fully customizable matrix that you can use your own catalog to determine what to charge.

  • Invoice Statuses-Notifies when an invoice status has changed, while color-coding to better keep track of quotes and invoice stages.

  • Automation- Save time by automating repetitive tasks, such as, requesting payment or move orders through the workflow.

  • Assign Tasks- Use this feature to manage the tasks your employees get assigned.


Punching The Clock

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While there are several ways to clock your employees work time, the easiest method is to handle it through online timecards. Why? You may ask. Put simply, micromanagement. Being able to remotely clock in, and out, for shifts or projects, you will find that it is more accurate and financially beneficial.


Clockify & WhenIwork

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Clockify.me and wheniwork.com are two free time clock apps that help manage and track the hours worked by employees for payroll and records. They are simple to use and easy to set up, offering a reduction of stress and overwhelming doom that you would normally feel with counting hours off a timecard. This is your chance to punch the clock without it punching back.


Clockify.me is one of the few truly free employees time clock apps that is accurate for clocking in and out. With this app you can:


  • Keep track of time using the online timer.

  • Keep tabs on employee attendance.

  • Tell you who is working on what.

  • Export data for payroll.

  • Use a timesheet to log time.

  • Categorize time-based on the project.


Wheniwork.com is an easy tracking attendance app that:

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  • Is Free for up to 75 employees.

  • Hassle-free.

  • Allows Employees to clock in and out by phone or terminal.

  • Quick time clock exploration to payroll.

  • Allows for scheduling by phone.



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is a time and attendance tracker with several features ideal for a small business, Such as:

  • Clocking in and out from any mobile device or a kiosk.

  • Track hours and schedules on our intuitive dashboard (Both Employees and Management)

  • Timecard Tracking and Approval

  • Visual Scheduling Capabilities.


Vectoring Services

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In your quest to save money, time, and headaches, you may consider outsourcing your art department. This is ideal for businesses to consider because of what they gain, rather than the price they pay. You save money by outsourcing because it is usually at a lower cost than setting up a department to manage it themselves. When you hire employees to handle a department, you pay hourly wage, insurance, and benefits. This begins to be costly.


While you outsource, however, you will find:

You save money on fixed rates.

You save stress.

Deadlines get met easier.

Your quotes are reasonable for the work that needs to be done.



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Speedysep.com Has many amazing features that allow for lower costs and stress-free processes.

Some of their main features include:

  • Paying Fixed Rates on Color Separations and Vector Art.

  • Delivery times as fast as 24 Hours.

  • Delivery of ready to print artwork on weekends.

  • A single platform for uploading files, payment, and receiving the artwork.

  • Customer service availability via phone, email, or social media.

  • A money-back guarantee.

  • Removes in house designers to reduce art costs by more than $20,000 a year.


Final Words…

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By automating your business with these different services, you are saving more than just a headache, you are saving time and money as well. We have covered a lot in a short amount of time:


  • Online Timecards

  • Outsourcing your Art Department

  • Saving Time & Money

  • Micromanaging your Business Through Printavo

  • Creating Opportunities Through Automation


These different services offer more than just a pretty front for a small business, they offer ease of stress. They grant you services that are focused on saving you money and time. If you need quality vector printing and time-saving business management, these are apps and services that you just have to try for yourself.


You will find that you can save thousands of dollars (over $50,000 –  easy) a year using all these services. Check out Speedysep for your design needs and make sure to try out printavo.com and the online time clock apps to better micromanage your business (less stress and headaches to your everyday responsibilities)


What are you waiting for? You are missing out on amazing money-saving tricks by not acting now!

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