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Every day you send artwork for approval to your customers.

Then, you get this weird feeling…

Just because they start asking for gazillion changes.

There is (somewhat 😉) a way to automate the process

Let me show you how – in this post, I will cover:

Ways to reduce the back and forward (providing better information to the customer)

Which means, sending better templates.

Plus – you will get some free templates that can help you upsell customers with more products…

Lets rock & roll!


One Template with all the information

Mockup template f 01 scaled

The main reason there is so much back and forward between shops and customers is simple – lack of information.

If you and your customer agree on specific terms – they should all be included in that art approval.

Here are are some things to consider when sending art for approval:

– The size of the artwork and where it will be placed

– The different colors you will use for each design

– The garments colors

– The size of the garments

– Any other things you and your customer agreed on

– Your contact details (phone, email, website, etc)


Now, usually, customers ask for revisions in two ways:

The what I call “advanced” customer will send you edits using the free software “paint” – which is much easier to understand from your end.

The “less advanced” customer will write down the changes (usually not clear)  which is harder to understand…

A good trick is to ask the customer to send it in paint – if they don’t know how to use the software, ask them to use the following words: add, delete, uniform when they send their edits.


Here’s an example:

Email Template


Hello (name),

Please proof the attached layout.

If you need any changes:

You can use the software paint to show us the edits you need us to make (click here to learn how to use it)

If you were only able to write us the changes, please use the words: add, delete, uniform when you request changes (it helps us to understand better 😉)


Here’s an example:

add an outline around the words college

remove the 3 dots on the top right next to the…

uniform all the colors to pink, yellow, blue, white

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

The best screen printer in the world 😉


As you can see, we are trying to navigate and assist our customer (which in return helps us to deliver faster art-work)

If you like this concept, you can always modify, edit or change it.


Upsell Template

mockups 01 scaled

If you print more then just t-shirts, why not upselling your customers


After they approve the artwork, send them another art-proof with their art on different items: hoodie, cap, long sleeve, short pants, and the list go on and on…

Include small quantities and a starting price and just write in the email

“PS – I am attaching you another artwork for future reference if you need any more items with your logo on them – that’s how it’s going to look like”

The more you offer, the higher the chances to increase your volume with your customers

– it’s just a numbers game.


We prepared these two templates in AI  for you to download for free.

To download them just click here  (no pop-ups or sign-ups)

2020 Upgraded 01 scaled

If you need any help to customize your art approval templates – we are here to help


I hope you enjoyed!


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