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Is Santa sick?


But Christmas is around the corner, so we thought it’s a good time to look for some trending concepts.

Lets rock and roll


  1. The “Ugly Sweatshirts”


After 4 years the ugly sweatshirts are still popular. It seems like the three trends around this concept are:

  • Couple Matching
  • Family (Mama, Papa and the kids)
  • Mashups (Celebrity + Christmas = MIX)


Couple Matching

convert raster to vector


A simple concept of mixing something funny into two t-shirts.

Easy to design and vector (at least for us 😉

And overall the ladies love it (not too sure about the guys…)


Family T-shirts

vector logo design


Just like the couple matching…just an extended version of the whole family.

These ones are a small design + a punch line. (because you need to find something that is easy to re-size and print on a smaller size garment)




Usually a mix of a celebrity and Christmas into one design.

Overall the “ugly” concept is a cool look and a pretty easy one to print on different garments and different sizes (sweatshirts are the most popular though)


2. Plaid Christmas Pattern

vector graphics


Plaid is not about to disappear (especially on Christmas)

They are red, fun and easy to design.

On black and grey garments, the red color really pops out.


3. Funny Santa

screen print

Based on my research (and some recent designs we did) – Santa is still around.

The recent Santa designs I’ve seen are usually sarcastic – my favorite one is this “believe” t-shirt.


4. Typographic

vector drawing online


These one work best when they are aimed towards the female demographic.

A sweet, sassy say’in,  made in a curvy font will do the trick. A good font to use is Storytella


5. Kids & Infants



Another idea is to take everything that I presented so far and just print it on onesies (or on a kids t-shirt)

It’s always entertaining to see a baby or a young kid wearing a funny sarcastic t-shirt.


I hope you enjoyed and got some good ideas.

If you need any help with designing a Christmas t-shirt – we are here to help!

Happy Holidays,

Stay Safe.

And Merry Christmas (or as the song say Feliz Navidadddd)

Dan from the Speey Sep team.


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