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It is great to keep everything in-house so you control the quality and timeliness of the work your company produces. But is it worth the financial cost?

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The Costs & Hassles of Managing a Design Team

The salary for one in-house graphic designer ranges from $30-$70,000 annually. Add to that employee benefits, employment taxes, and basic HR costs (like government-required sexual harassment training) and it really adds up.

If you can afford only one designer, you are limited to the number of hours they can work and the number of designs they can complete in a day. If they are hired or contracted for regular hours at set times, they may have idle time if there is not enough work.

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If you are a small shop, it likely falls to you to settle personnel management concerns. Not only does this siphon off your time but you can run into costly problems like formal complaints and high turnover.

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And let’s not forget that the liability for acts of intellectual property infringement your designers may commit falls squarely on you. With all these headaches, who wants an in-house design department?

The Benefits of Letting Someone Else Carry the Load

Outsourcing your artwork may be the best decision you’ll ever make. If you can trade the hassles of employing and managing a design department for a flat monthly fee with guaranteed quality, why not?

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A Stable Workforce

When you contract with an outside vendor, the personnel management duties and costs are someone else’s problem. Suddenly, turnover is not an issue because a great design company will maintain quality and meet deadlines no matter what issues arise with their designers.

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A design house usually has a team of designers. Any time you need a design done fast, someone will be there to take your project and run with it.

If they provide unlimited revisions until the design is perfect,  you get high-quality results without the stress!

Streamlining the Process Saves Money

Don’t waste money on overhead and uncertainty.

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You save money when you have a reliable partner creating your designs for a flat monthly fee. You can budget realistically and know what to expect.

Having a single source gives you clear and accurate statements and invoices for your records. Your tax guy will love it!

The Benefits of Partnering with SpeedySep

Priceless Benefits

When you make SpeedySep your in-house art department, you know what to expect in terms of quality, speed, and cost. Our results are consistent – not hit or miss.

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You know what to expect from SpeedySep because we have the same design team year in and year out.  When you order a design, you can work directly with the designer to explain the small details that are so important.

If you are not completely satisfied with the artwork you receive, tell us why. We will revise it for you as many times as needed to make it perfect.

Monetary Rewards

Our bronze membership is $99 per month, or less than $1,200 a year. The premium gold plan is $3,000 per year.

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Compare that with an annual salary of up to $70,000 for one designer, who is not available 24/7. $70k – 3k = a lot of money saved! What can you do with $47,000?

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So, What’s the Question?

Give us the headache of design management so you are free to run your shop and keep your customers happy. They will be thrilled with the great quality and responsive turnaround you provide. You can take the credit!

What can you do with $47,000+ extra every year?

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