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Hi, This is Gabby from Speedy Sep. And today I’m going to give you a tutorial on how to create a Minimalist Portrait.



First of all, start off with our source image. We’ll drop down the opacity so that it’s easier for us to trace over. we’ll take the pen tool and we’ll start outlining the shape of the face. We can separate them all on to different layers to keep our artwork file clean and easy to navigate. We’ll also outline the hair as the sunglasses in this photo. We’ll go ahead and pick a pretty neutral tone for skin color, just as a placeholder


And now let’s just go ahead and outlined an abstract shape of facial hair. And in this case, you don’t necessarily have to draw it to the shape of the face, because we can go ahead and clip mask it into our outline of the face that we made earlier. And the same goes for the hair. Maybe you’ll want to get a good shape on the inside for now. So it makes it easier later And then we can just clip mask it in


Now, obviously there’s a lot more work to get done, but our basic outlines are good to go. Now let’s just go ahead and try to match the colors to a pretty neutral tone. You can go back and forth between our drawing and our source image.


And now moving on from the head, which we can go back to later. Let’s go and minimalize the shirt in this image, which is the flannel, And I’m just going to follow the basic shapes that I see the distinct lines to create the shoulder and the arm, the collar And then I’m going to go through and trace the pattern. And Once we get the outlines of the pattern, they can start filling it in with color. Now, this doesn’t have to be perfect, but let’s try to get it as close to the source image as possible.


Now for the head, let’s start neutralizing the tones. If we can go with some, have tones of color backed by solid colors to drop the opacities down, just to make it look a little bit more of a natural tone, sort of outlining the definition, especially in the hair.


Thank you so much for watching this tutorial. I really hope this helps you to create minimalist portraits in the future.


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