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2021 T-Shirt Design Trends

People love cool t-shirts any time of the year, but especially in the summer when the weather is warm enough to show them off. This year, there are six trends to watch.

Critters Rule

Animal portraits are the king of the jungle. Not cartoonish cats and dogs, but wild animals depicted in an intricate, pen-and-ink style.

Wolf portrait

SpeedySep created this design for a client who is right in style.

Pocket Designs

Whether it is a fake pocket with powerful messages or clever characters peeking out, pocket designs are definitely in play. Make the pocket design a teaser for the main print on the back of the shirt.

Pocket Design for Patriots Group

Our client was thrilled to receive this design from SpeedySep.

Retro Pop Art

Groovy colors and a total lack of symmetry are the hallmarks of 2021 pop art. Instead of careful registration, let your mind – and your ink – wander into uncharted territory.

Pop Art Retro Style

This is a design we created that renders well in a slightly off-registration application.

Words with Personality

Sometimes, written content can tell the story along with a little bit of imagery. Rather than embedding typography in a graphic image, try embedding a graphic image in a text.

Design featuring "The Grill Sergeant" typography

We created this for a client, who liked the image’s simple but energetic attitude.

Hip & Classy

Just the good old two-color image. The fonts and shapes create the hip, while the minimalist colors create the classy.

Hip and classy design by SpeedySep

This is one of SpeedySep’s hip & classy designs.


Most people love their geographic location – their town, their county, their city, their state, and their country. It is never out of style to incorporate the outline of the location’s boundaries or other recognizable features into the design.

Don't Mess with Texas

We created this design for one of our good friends in Texas.

How Can You Deliver Trendy Designs to Your Customers?

  1. Start by understanding exactly what each customer wants (read the detailed process in this article). Don’t make assumptions, but work from sketches and digital images to create a design idea worthy of their sign-off.
  2. If they are quite specific about all the elements of the design, you must abide by their wishes. If they have a vague idea and look to you to make their design a winner, show them some ideas based on current trends.
  3. Don’t hassle with perfecting the design. Order the print-ready image from a company like SpeedySep that is dedicated to graphic design for screen printing.
  4. Track your order and receive the design. Ask your client for final approval.
  5. If the image is not quite right, don’t worry! SpeedySep offers unlimited revisions and speedy delivery.

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