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Valentines T-Shirt Trending Designs for 2021

Valentines T-Shirt Trends for 2021, Are you printing some Valentine’s day T-shirts?

There is no better way of getting ready than pumping your Instagram feed and Facebook stories with some cool designs.

Without further ado, here are the hottest Valentine’s T-shirt trends you want to consider for this year’s Valentine’s celebration:

Couple Matching with Best Valentines T-Shirt Trends for 2021

Design 1:

Couple Matching


These adorable Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed couple shirt has a red and black motif. The Minnie Mouse shirt for women has a huge polka-dotted ribbon graphic and a “Wifey” word written below with a Walt Disney font. The Mickey Mouse shirt for men has Mickey Mouse’s shirt below a “Hubby” word in Walt Disney font.


Design 2:

happy wife happy life 01


These couple shirts have a “happy wife, happy life” statement. The men’s shirt with the “happy wife” phrase has an arrow pointing right, which is meant to be pointed to his wife or girlfriend. The women’s shirt has a “happy life” phrase with an arrow pointing left, meant to be pointed to her husband or boyfriend.


Design 3:

lucky fisherman 01


These awesome, highly creative couple shirts have a puzzle-styled graphic. The men’s shirt has a “one lucky fisherman” phrase with a half-the-fishing-rod graphic. This shirt is meant to pair with a women’s shirt stating “best catch of his life” with the other half of the rod (with the fishing bait) graphic.


Design 4:


Valentines T-Shirt Trends

Have your customers stroll onromantic venues during Valentine’s Day while wearing couples shirts with the best love quotes. These love quotes can have either neon, gradient, or monochromatic theme depending on your choice. Fonts should be bold, and the background should be plain.


Design 5:

love 01


Couple shirts with half-heart graphics are meant to be worn while sitting or standing next to each other. While standing next to each other, taking a picture with the connected heart is a great idea. The heart’s right half is for men and the other half for women.

Funny Designs

Design 1:

match 01


This funny shirt is a head-turner. It says, “How to do the math: 1. Write down the problem 2. Cry”; I mean, who wouldn’t read such an odd list? This might be a perfect shirt for the loners this February.

Design 2:


game over 01

There’s no better way of pulling people’s eyes into your shirt than wearing illusion shirts. This can range from illusions with deep romantic meanings to illusions for green-minded people wherein the image actually has no filthy meaning, but some people give meaning to it because of their polluted minds. 

Kids T-shirt

Design 1:


kids tshirt 01

If you’re a mom of a young boy, you can let him wear this “Mama’s Boy” shirt with a red heart replacing the “O” in the word “Boy.” You and your son can dine in malls or celebrate Valentine’s together at the beach. This fresh shirt can be perfectly worn everywhere, anytime.

Design 2:

the ladies love me 01


For a bad little boy shirt theme, a shirt that says, “Ladies love me.” Customers celebrate Valentine’s Day with their family while wearing all-Valentine’s-themed shirts. It would surely make a perfect family picture.

Design 3:


hearts 01

For sweet little girls, this shirt is full of vibrant-colored hearts (adding a custom name into it will take it to the next level)

little girls would love to match this with denim pants, white shorts, or jumpers. For uniformity, the mom may also wear the same as its adult-size.

Design 4: 

Family 01


You can make your customers a shirt with their family photo printed on it. It will look great if the whole family wears it. The shirt also has adult sizes; so the wife and husband can wear it too while dining out at their favorite restaurant during Valentine’s Day.

Christian T-shirt

Design 1:



This inspiring “You Are Loved” shirt will be made of high-quality apparel (blend material or garment dye) with a high definition print on it.  This design promotes simplicity during Valentine’s Day to remind people that they’re loved.


Design 2:


loved 01

Another shirt that has a “loved” word on it has a heart graphic. The heart arrow encircles the calligraphy with a bible verse below it. This is a simple design to print during Valentine’s.


Design 3: 

we love because 01


This shirt reminds us of the importance of our faith. The calligraphy says, “We love because He first loves us.” For this Valentine’s Day, it is heart-warming when people are reminded about this important message by wearing this comfortable shirt everywhere they go.


Design 4: 


loved and redeemed 01

The “Love and Redeemed” shirt has a simple message. People who can read this phrase would be reminded about the essence of Valentine’s Day. This long-sleeved shirt can also be worn in groups, especially with a church youth organization.


Design 5:


for the grace 01

A black and white shirt theme for this Valentine’s Day is simple yet stylish. It would be more attractive if the words written on it are bible verses. The letter should have a big and bold font so that people can easily read the important message.

There are so many more designs that can work for Valentine’s Day, the key is to make them personalized.

Just make sure those shirts are comfortable to wear, and the prints were made from high-quality artwork.

We hope it helps!

Dan from the Speedy Sep Team

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