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They are clean and simple.

Every school uses them,

And every screen printer in the world prints them.

Here are 5 colligate fonts we use ALL THE TIME!



convert bitmap to vector


Capital letters, clean, with a cool knockout effect (whatever you will print it on, you’ll get the garment coming between the lines)

Will work on both girls and guy’s garments.



vector my image


Thinner colligate font (and got a soft look)

I would recommend using it on girl’s garments.


Marcelle Script

convert jpg to vector illustrator


Low case, script, with a distressed effect (or grunge as some may call it)

Works really well as the swoosh design (like the nikey one…)

Will work on both girl’s and guy’s garments.



 best screen printing


Solid and bulky.

Good for a school one-liner logo

or as the font that goes above or under the icon (or both)

I recommend using it on guys garments


College Boy

 best screen printing


I see it as the thinner version of the freshman font.

Solid and Softer.

I recommend using it on guys garments


If you got any questions about any font or need to recreate one, we are here to help!


I hope you enjoyed

Dan from the Speedy Sep Crew


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