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A shitload of colors.

It takes time to print.

But can be very profitable 😉

Here are some 4 color process ideas


4 color process prints (or image prints as some may call them) got a different type of layouts.

At SpeedySep we understand the value of creativity- so we decided to share with you some ideas you can use on your next four-color process t-shirt designs


1. Image with overlaying text

vector graphics


The most common image prints are the ones that mix an image with text.

The reference is an example of resort designs we’ve done this year.


2. The image inside the text

 vector graphics


This is the result of another design we created for a couple of T-shirt shops in Miami Beach.

The ideas were to pick a cool text and input the image into the text –

To make sure it prints well you should pick a thick font and a high-quality image (a big icon is recommended)


3. The blend recreation

vector logo design


I saw these two custom T-shirt designs online –

I like to call them “the blend recreation”

The designer of the Trump biker t-shirt did the following:

1. Took a biker image and crop his head

2. Added Trump face

3. Added Washington DC capital as a background and some bikers around it

4. Added overlying text

5. Even added a few skull faces on different bikers in the background 😉


This is a greyscale print created out of these colors: black, white, grey, tone


Here’s another one

vector logo design


A cropped Arnold (freaking long name) Schwarzenegger from the good old days with a trump head on him.


The last one is the Miami Vice look.

4 Color Process


We created it by mixing different images and placed them to look like the game t-shirt.

After we placed all the images together – we took two different, but similar fonts and placed them on the images. (to create the Miami vice effect)

4. Funny Image with funny text

color separation


This is the easiest one to make, just pick an image, add some funny text that relates to the image (capital, collegiate font is always recommended)

and voila! you got a 4 color process t-shirt.

Hopefully, you can grab some of these ideas and utilize them with your customers.

I hope you enjoyed!

If you need any help, we are available 24/7  to serve you!


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